Isolation, characterization and biosafety evaluation of Lactobacillus fermentum OK with potential oral probiotic properties

출판일: 2021. 03. Abstract It has been reported that certain probiotic bacteria have inhibitory effects against oral pathogens. Lactobacillus spp. have been studied and used as probiotics globally, but due to difficulties with laboratory cultivation and experimentation with oral microorganisms, there are few studies on Lactobacillus spp. isolated from the oral cavity being used against […]

Fucoxanthin biosynthesis has a positive correlation with the specific growth rate in the culture of microalga Phaeodactylum tricornutum

출판일: 2021. 04. Abstract In this study, the correlation between the specific growth rate of Phaeodactylum tricornutum and fucoxanthin (fucoxanthin) biosynthesis was investigated both in batch and in semi-continuous cultures. Fucoxanthin content from P. tricornutum biomass showed a positive correlation with specific growth rate during the normal culture period. The maximum yield of fucoxanthin (2.42 […]

Determination and photochemical conversion of protofagopyrins and fagopyrins in buckwheat plants

출판일: 2021. 07.   Abstract This study was conducted to develop a method for analyzing protofagopyrins and fagopyrins in buckwheat extract by ultra-performance liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization-tandem mass spectrometry multiple reaction monitoring (UPLC-MS/MS MRM), to validate the developed method, and to determine the conversion of protofagopyrins to fagopyrins by various light sources. Protofagopyrin E (PFE), protofagopyrin […]

Sweetness profiles of glycosylated rebaudioside A and its binary mixtures with allulose and maltitol

출판일: 2021. 03. 31.   Abstract Rebaudioside A is a promising natural alternative sweetener but they produce increased bitterness, astringency, and unpleasant aftertastes. Glycosylation and blending with different sweeteners are known to improve the sensory characteristics of rebaudioside A. The present study was conducted to identify the relative sweetness and sensory profile of glycosyl rebaudioside […]

Effect of chargrilled flavoring on the sensory perception and consumer acceptability of bulgogi (Korean barbecued beef)

출판일: 2021. 01. 31.  Abstract As the home-meal replacement food industry grows, there is an increasing need for smoky flavorings that can satisfy the diverse tastes of consumers. In particular, the industry requires chargrilled flavorings that complement Korean foods. In this study, chargrilled flavoring was applied to bulgogi (Korean barbecued beef) and its effects on […]

Nutrient modulation of viral infection-implications for COVID-19

출판일: 2021. 12. 31. Abstract The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has put focus on the importance of a healthy immune system for recovery from infection and effective response to vaccination. Several nutrients have been under attention because their nutritional statuses showed associations with the incidence or severity of COVID-19 or because they affect several […]

Endoplasmic reticulum stress increases LECT2 expression via ATF4

출판일: 2021. 12. 31. Abstract Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is frequently associated with obesity, insulin resistance, and endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress. Elevated circulating levels of the hepatokine leukocyte cell-derived chemotaxin-2 (LECT2) have also been noted in NAFLD; however, the mechanism underlying this association is unclear. To investigate a possible link between ER stress/unfolded protein […]

Effects of Korean pine nut oil on the hepatic iron, copper, and zinc status and expression of genes and proteins related with iron absorption in diet-induced obese mice

출판일: 2021. 10. 31. Abstract Purpose: Body adiposity is negatively correlated with hepatic iron status, and Korean pine nut oil (PNO) has been reported to reduce adiposity. Therefore, we aimed to study the effects of PNO on adiposity, hepatic mineral status, and the expression of genes and proteins involved in iron absorption. Methods: Five-week-old male […]

Changes in diet quality and body weight over 10 years: the Multiethnic Cohort Study

출판일: 2021. 11.   Abstract High-quality diets have been found to be beneficial in preventing long-term weight gain. However, concurrent changes in diet quality and body weight over time have rarely been reported. We examined the association between 10-year changes in diet quality and body weight in the Multiethnic Cohort Study. Analyses included 53 977 […]